Argus – Huge C64 Dungeon Crawler is here! A special review by Hayes Maker

• O U D & N I E U W • Het duurt nog even maar je kan niet vroeg genoeg beginne…
12 september 2017
Écht hamsteren doe je bij Dierspecialist Haspels!!!…
13 september 2017

I start my journey in the North Forest, the evil wizard Zoran has kidnapped Star Child and taken it to the Temple of Lies. It’s the only hope to defeat the demon Legion so I must find him and kill Zoran. The Forest is huge, and evil lurks everywhere, but I must find the keys to the ancient temples where lies the weapons and equipment I will need. After battling many demons in the forest I find the first temple, the Temple of Light. But my wounds are severe, so I shouldn’t linger for too long. Suddenly a huge creature comes from nowhere and nearly takes my head clean off. I strike it twice, three times, four times, but it doesn’t damage the fiend, so I run. More creatures appear but these are weaker, I dispatch 3 of them with my sword and as the last one dies, I see a potion on its body. It smells good so I drink it, and my wounds heal instantly. I might just make it out of this cursed temple alive!L

Argus – Huge C64 Dungeon Crawler is here! A special review by Hayes Maker

This was my third play through of Argus, programmed by Achim Volkers, with graphics by Trevor Storey and Sound by Saul Cross. It’s an epic C64 role playing game in the style of Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore

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