3 juni 2019

Kijk Get ready

Become a vendor yourself, have a look at our new project : Show on Facebook
31 mei 2019

What was your first computer? What was your first computer? A byte-sized piece of popular computing history from the ZX Spectrum to the modern day Show on Facebook
21 mei 2019

Commodore 64 developer of Altered Beast, Rampage, Atomic Robokid releases source code after 30+ years!

Last Sunday, the Commodore 64/128 Programming Facebook group was carrying on its business as usual when received an invaluable gift from Michael Archer – the source […]
20 mei 2019

Making a New Commodore 64 Game: 1nvader

Darren shows you the new C64 game he’s made, and walks you through the various stages of development from BASIC prototype to assembly language. They discuss […]