19 maart 2018

Commodore 64 tape preservation project

The goal of this site is to preserve Commodore 64 tape software. The most important part of this is to create images of the content of […]
1 maart 2018

Exploding Fish, New Commodore 64 Game by Chris Stanley, With Music by Andrew Fisher

Exploding Fish is an old-school arcade game for the Commodore 64. Take control of Diver Dougal and work your way through increasingly difficult reefs. Collect and […]
27 februari 2018

About the C64 Collections Project {at SceneBase}

SceneBase’s C64 Collections is a central directory of collections containing archived disk and tape images. These images are most often created by reading the floppy and […]
24 februari 2018

Comparison of C64 Music Editors

You can use it for a ton of things. How much CPU time does a player from that editor use? How many SID chips does it […]