22 april 2018

Commodore BBS Outpost

Online Commodore Boards Commodore BBS Outpost Commodore BBS telnet listing Show on Facebook
18 april 2018


Huge review of the biggest C64 jump’&’run game of this century. SAM’S JOURNEY – SAM’S JOURNEY New Stuff I thought about the right title […]
18 april 2018

C64Mini Hacks

C64Mini Hacks The following hacks can be downloaded and dropped onto a USB Stick and plugged into the C64Mini. Then load the file from the BASIC […]
7 april 2018

Building a C64-Pi – dionoid – Medium

Very cool ‘how-to’ build a C64-Pi Building a C64-Pi – dionoid – Medium This post shows how I’ve transformed a unrepairable* Commodore 64 into a C64-Pi […]