10 juli 2017

[CSDb] – Twin Kingdom Valley +1DGM by Wolf and Hokuto Force (2017)

Twin Kingdom Valley +1DGM 101%, an old famous adventure, done in co-op with our pal Wolf. Enjoy! [CSDb] – Twin Kingdom Valley +1DGM by Wolf and […]
10 juli 2017

6502 Retrocomputing Goes to the Cloud

In what may be the strangest retrocomputing project we’ve seen lately, you can now access a virtual 6502 via Amazon’s Lambda computing service. We don’t mean […]
10 juli 2017

Protovision – High Quality C64 Entertainment Software – Wormhole

This is a top secret mission. In the year of 2035, scientists at the HADRONICS research facility managed to successfully create a WORMHOLE. It connected the […]
3 juli 2017

» LumaFix64: Commodore 64 with less stripes

You might be asking yourself, less stripes? No, not the colorful stripes on your breadbin badge. We’re talking about the stripes on the video image. The […]