24 augustus 2017

SAM: Software Automatic Mouth

Sam is a very small Text-To-Speech (TTS) program written in C, that runs on most popular platforms. It is an adaption to C of the speech […]
20 augustus 2017 : Commodore 64 Boxed Sets

This site attempts to re-create some of the best Commodore 64 software sets. And by “set” we mean the box, manual, disks and any other materials […]
16 augustus 2017

Commodore BBS Outpost

Great list of Commodore BBS Servers Commodore BBS Outpost Commodore BBS telnet listing Show on Facebook
16 augustus 2017

Master Of Magic – Commodore 64

The Master of Magic is a role-playing video game programmed by Richard Darling, art by James Wilson and music by Rob Hubbard published for Commodore 64 […]