5 november 2017

Frogs – 4-Player Frog Pond

It’s spring time again, and the FROGS are hanging around at the pond, listening to funky freestyle music and trying to prove who’s the coolest of […]
3 november 2017

Black Jewel – This C64 styled game looks awesome!

Trawling through our must play PC games list, I happened to come across a game I think will excite even our most hardy of C64 readers. […]
2 november 2017

Cookie – A veritable kitchen nightmare comes to C64

Having never owned a Speccy, I’m unfamiliar with “Cookie”, however it seems to have had a decent following amongst our 8bit cousins, and now C64 fans […]
29 oktober 2017


A cross platform command line tool to convert images to Commodore 64 format. retropixels Apply limitations of retro computers to images. Show on Facebook