27 november 2017

International Karate Ultimate Preview – C64 release for Syntax ’17 demo party

Some of you may have noticed a Reset Magazine post on Sunday reporting on the release of a new version of International Karate (1986 System 3). […]
19 november 2017

Shoot-em-up Construction Kit – 30th Anniversary Special and Spanish Competition Roundup!

30 years ago, Sensible Software unleashed SEUCK (Shoot-em-up Construction Kit) onto the world. Nothing so ambitious had ever been attempted. Previously computer game creation was restricted […]
13 november 2017

Penetrator – Superb C64 Scramble clone with level editor gets new release

Brand new C64 releases are happening almost weekly now, so it’s quite easy to miss some of the great releases Hokuto Force and other groups are […]
8 november 2017

YACE64 – The Commodore 64 Emulator

Just for fun! It will not try to compete to others like VICE, CCS64 and so on, it has its own priorities, like creating your own […]