2 november 2017

Cookie – A veritable kitchen nightmare comes to C64

Having never owned a Speccy, I’m unfamiliar with “Cookie”, however it seems to have had a decent following amongst our 8bit cousins, and now C64 fans […]
29 oktober 2017


A cross platform command line tool to convert images to Commodore 64 format. retropixels Apply limitations of retro computers to images. Show on Facebook
24 oktober 2017

A C64 horror game is coming by Alf Yngve and Richard Bayliss!

Many of you may have heard the names Alf Yngve and Richard Bayliss, as they were behind games such as Hover Raider RX, Flying Cobra RX, […]
16 oktober 2017

Briley Witch – A new C64 RPG is in development by Sarah Jane Avory

We’ve been checking our sources for more Halloween news and have only just come across a game developed by Sarah Jane Avory, that might just fit […]