31 juli 2017

The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide

This is a repost but allways handy The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide C64 Diagnostics Show on Facebook
31 juli 2017

The goal of the competition is to encourage the development of new (and potentially bigger) C64 games. There is money and goods as prizes for the […]
2 augustus 2017

Legend of Atlantis – Whip baddies and explore tombs in this upcoming C64 game

With the awesome looking dungeon crawler of ‘ Argus ‘ coming to a C64 near you – August 26th 2017. T Storey, G Rottensteiner, A Volkers […]
5 augustus 2017

b2fJ – Back to Future Java by mzattera

Back to the Future Java (b2fJ) aims at bringing the power of Java to 8-bit home computers of the ’80s. This project provides a toolchain to […]