2 juni 2017

Argus – Dungeon Crawling style C64/128 Adventure is nearly here!

Another really cool announcement as Trevor Story has once again shown off the latest C64 gameplay footage for their in development Adventure game in a Dungeon […]
28 mei 2017

Retr0bright – Wikipedia

Retrobright (Stylized as Retr0bright) is a chemical mixture used to remove yellowing from ABS plastic computer and electronics cases, including computers that were manufactured by Commodore […]
28 mei 2017 – World of c64 crackintros – World of c64 crackintros The biggest C64 intro collection both with screenshots and binaries to run on real C64 or an emulator Show on […]
25 mei 2017

scpu:wolf3d – AmiDog’s SuperCPU Wiki

scpu:wolf3d – AmiDog’s SuperCPU Wiki This port requires a C64/C128 with a SuperCPU v2 and 16MB RAM. PAL, NTSC (old and new) as well as DREAN […]