19 november 2017

Shoot-em-up Construction Kit – 30th Anniversary Special and Spanish Competition Roundup!

30 years ago, Sensible Software unleashed SEUCK (Shoot-em-up Construction Kit) onto the world. Nothing so ambitious had ever been attempted. Previously computer game creation was restricted […]
27 november 2017

International Karate Ultimate Preview – C64 release for Syntax ’17 demo party

Some of you may have noticed a Reset Magazine post on Sunday reporting on the release of a new version of International Karate (1986 System 3). […]
29 november 2017

Planet X2 for the Commodore 64 – The 8-Bitguy (previously The iBookguy)

Planet X2, possibly the only Real-Time-Strategy game for the Commodore 64. Runs on a stock Commodore 64 with floppy drive.Multi-tasking game, runs up to 128 simultaneous […]
1 december 2017

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

10 PRINT is a book about a one-line Commodore 64 BASIC program, published in November 2012. Book purchases support the nonprofit organizations The Electronic Literature Organization […]