29 juli 2017

3D Skramble – Classic isometric shoot ‘em up gets a fresh release

For those that don’t remember Scramble, it was a classic early horizontal shoot-em-up where you had to blow up ground targets and missiles with bombs or […]
23 juli 2017

Wizard of War Competition

16 players in a pit, sudden death, who is the best Wizard of War player! You mus be on the list to partitipate, only 15 players […]
22 juli 2017

Galencia for the C64 (Commodore 64) by Galencia

A GALAGA INSPIRED SHMUP FOR PAL COMMODORE 64 COMPUTERS 50 ACTION PACKED LEVELS Asteroid Fields Challenging Stages Boss Battles Ebb and Flow difficulty curve Siren enemy […]
19 juli 2017

Pentagram V1.30 – Knightlore sequel as a port to the C64/C128 enhanced even further!

Last year they mentioned Rod & Emu’s C64 port of the ZX Spectrum classic ‘ Pentagram ‘, which originally was released by ‘Ulimate Play the Game’ […]