13 juli 2017

Wolfenstein 3D has been ported to the Commodore 64/128 (with SuperCPU)

This time the surprise came in 3D! Wolf3D is a port of Wolfenstein 3D based on the original ID Software source code. The game requires a […]
13 juli 2017

1541 Ultimate

It’s time to announce the upcoming new “Ultimate-64” board! In order to sustain the love for the Commodore 64, with failing machines, power supplies and flaky […]
13 juli 2017

C64 Reloaded MK2 – icomp – en

We are currently preparing production. Almost all components are already in stock. When all parts are confirmed by our suppliers, we will start taking orders. This […]
10 juli 2017

[CSDb] – Twin Kingdom Valley +1DGM by Wolf and Hokuto Force (2017)

Twin Kingdom Valley +1DGM 101%, an old famous adventure, done in co-op with our pal Wolf. Enjoy! [CSDb] – Twin Kingdom Valley +1DGM by Wolf and […]