16 juni 2017

Rogue +6DGM – A nice C64 roguelike fixed and fully playable by Hokuto Force

Moving on from all the tasty game jams we now look towards the C64, as Hokuto Force have released an enhanced, fixed, trainered and fully playable […]
16 juni 2017

Have a look at this Argus Preview!Preview of our new c64 game soon to be release…

Have a look at this Argus Preview! Preview of our new c64 game soon to be released – ARGUS. Coding – Achim Volkers Art and design […]
16 juni 2017

What is it? CBM-Command is a disk manager for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore Plus/4, and Commodore Pet/CBM computers. It is written in […]
15 juni 2017

Creating An 8-Bit Text Adventure – A Developer Diary, Part 1 – Infinite Frontiers

Developer’s Diary: Day 1 – 6th June 2017 My first ever computer was the Commodore Vic 20. Bought for me as a Christmas present by my […]