Protovision – High Quality C64 Entertainment Software – Wormhole

9 juli 2017
6502 Retrocomputing Goes to the Cloud
10 juli 2017

This is a top secret mission.

In the year of 2035, scientists at the HADRONICS research facility managed to successfully create a WORMHOLE.

It connected the Earth to an alien planet far away in the universe. However, shortly afterwards, hostile aliens invaded the laboratory and kidnapped the Professor, who is the only person capable of stopping the experiment. A rescue mission was started and YOU were chosen to save the world.

Equipped with a rocket-driven Hazmat suit, you have to make your way through the research facilities, go through the WORMHOLE and rescue the Professor.

Protovision – High Quality C64 Entertainment Software – Wormhole

WORMHOLE is a side-scrolling jump ’n shoot game for the legendary Commodore 64. Protovision – development and distrubtion crew for Commodore C64 games in high quality.

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